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As Gabe has already pointed out, this has been a trying week. All of that garbage AND we had to say goodbye to our friends on 30 Rock AND we don't get to live the lives of either Nick or Jess, so…   Read Story »
Sometimes you read about something and what you read is so convoluted and stupid and trivial it's like, listen, I'm not going to be the only one who has to sit here and suffer through knowing about…   Read Story »
Have you guys seen that clip that's going around today from Russel Brand's TV show Brand X? Where he invited some Westboro Baptist Church Members to be on his show? And had them explain their…   Read Story »
Hey, check out this awful bullshit Russel Brand did.* From The Sun: SEX-MAD comic Russell Brand was told off by Billy Connolly after he refused to start filming until a wardrobe girl flashed her…   Read Story »
The thing about working at a blog for long enough is that you can start to talk about how you don't understand why a certain basic cable Awards program continues to exist long after it had any…   Read Story »
Holy moly, look how amazing Michelle Dockery (+ Tom Hiddleston) looks in these photos from Time! Very good! Good job, lady! Looking good! -Time Want to read something? Ok, great! Here is the story…   Read Story »
Think of the craziest celebrity news you could ever hear. Now take it up a notch. Now turn it on its head. NOW DOUBLE IT! Ok, did you get "'an insider' telling OK! magazine that Russel Brand has been…   Read Story »