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Ever since Friday Night Lights concluded its run on NBC with what was generally considered to be a fitting and timely end that tied the series up nicely, Internet rumors of a follow-up movie have…   Read Story »
The Internet is full of lies and half-truths and guesses. We know that. We've all mourned the loss of Steve from Blues Clues enough times by now that we get that the Internet's fact-checkers are not…   Read Story »
Oh, it has been too long since we've had some #good #gossip to chat about. Where is everyone? Where are all the celebs, creating gossip for us to chat about? On vacation somewhere beautiful, living…   Read Story »
What's better than a Friends movie? I know that sounds like a trick question, but I promise that it isn't! What could it be? A series of Friends novelizations? WROOONG. A Friends virtual reality…   Read Story »
Since Kim Kardashian's pregnancy began, however long ago it was (I'm not going to look it up but if I had to guess based on blog-induced fatigue: 5,000 years?) you have not been able to boot up onto…   Read Story »
We heard recently that Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer we two of the people in the whispered running for the job of hosting Jeopardy! once Alex Trebek retires. One of America's currently most disliked…   Read Story »
One month ago the world was rocked to hear that current daytime TV host Katie Couric and former nighttime TV host Larry King went on a date many years ago. Katie Couric spoke about it during an…   Read Story »
As sunlight breaks through your window to wake you up, you hear your roommates whispering about it. At work, between the hustle and bustle of the day to day, you think you hear fragments of…   Read Story »
Star Magazine reported this week that Gwyneth is opening a Spanish-themed restaurant in LA with Mario Batali, but her "rep" denied it. So, whatever. NOM NOM NOM or NOT NOT NOT. Ahhhhahahahahaha. We…   Read Story »