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17 Celebrities Before They Were Bald (Here is a younger Patrick Stewart with a full head of hair. Gross!) -BuzzFeed Morning Dose of 'Child of the 90s' -TheWorldsBestEver 13 Heroines Who Will Make…   Read Story »
What we have on our hands here is a classic Hollywood mystery. Imagine a movie based on a Stephen King book series, adapted by Akiva Goldsman, directed by Ron Howard, produced by Brian Grazer,…   Read Story »
Vince Vaughn has FINALLY rebroken his still legendary silence in regards to the continuing non-troversy over the "gay joke" in his absolutely horrendous looking new movie, The Dilemma. As you may…   Read Story »
So, you may have already heard, but GLAAD and maybe some other pro-gay groups raised a fuss over a joke in the trailer for this new Vince Vaughn movie, The Dilemma, where Vince Vaughn calls electric…   Read Story »
The Roommate movie trailer is bad, and the Dilemma movie trailer is even worse. END OF ROUND-UP.   Read Story »
Jamie Foxx's new music video for "Blame It (On The Alcohol)" is FUCKING INSAAAAAANE. I was already laughing at Jake Gyllenhaal but then they showed Ron Howard and I farted so hard my head…   Read Story »
The genesis of what seems to be the start of a bald-business-in-the-front, tailgate-party-in-the-back situation for Ron Howard, caught on tape on The Daily Show last night. Abort! Abort!   Read Story »
This ad is probably aimed more at older people, but since we younger people had something called "Nick At Nite" growing up, we'll get it too. Ron Howard does some things he said he would never do,…   Read Story »
People are saying that this is the International trailer for Ron Howard's Frost/Nixon, but wouldn't Occam's razor tell us that the movie simply has German subtitles running throughout?…   Read Story »