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Harry Potter's got horns, everybody! -EW Betty White has won the Guinness World Record for “Longest TV Career For An Entertainer (Female).” Congratulations, Betty White. That's a very weird…   Read Story »
I'm bored. Aren't you guys bored? It can be so boring sometimes! There are people who will tell you that "only boring people get bored" which is seriously the most ridiculous garbage. Only boring…   Read Story »
Mindy Kaling co-wrote a romantic comedy and it sounds exactly like a romantic comedy that Mindy Kaling would write and let me warn you before we begin that the title is terrible, so let's just get to…   Read Story »
The idea of a woman who refuses to sleep with another man until she knows he's the one she's going to marry because she read in a ladies' magazine that you can't get married after you've had 20…   Read Story »
Well, I will say the same thing I said when the How Do You Know trailer came out: "I actually like romantic comedies, the problem is just that to so many of them are terrible, but I hope this one is…   Read Story »
LADIES! DON'T ALL RUSH THE MOVIE THEATER AT ONCE! Obviously, this looks great. Like, really really great. My only question is: HOW WILL IT END WHO WILL GET THE MANNNNN? Just kidding. Oof. I think my…   Read Story »
Oh hey, Valentine's Day is next Monday. Great! The most wonderful day of the year! Just kidding. Although, it's a perfectly fine day. Honestly, the only thing more obnoxious than people who go way…   Read Story »
I am positive that A.O. Scott's takedown of Leap Year is more entertaining than Leap Year. Also, thanks for the heads up, Katilin Olson!   Read Story »
Adam trailer, you guys: Woof. Obviously, movies should be able to tell the stories of characters with Asperger's. They are as deserving of having their experiences committed to film as anything…   Read Story »
The big development news this morning (more like development SNOOZE, am I right, guys?) was about ABC's television adaptation of Maid in Manhattan, a movie that didn't end Jennifer Lopez's career,…   Read Story »