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Tim Heidecker! Congrats, Tim. Well deserved.   Read Story »
Our boys are on the cover of Rolling Stone this month, and in the online edition you can find a wonderful behind-the-scenes video interview that includes a wonderful moment where wonderful Aaron Paul…   Read Story »
In the great Jennifer Lawrence VS Miley Cyrus feud (I mean WAR) of 2012, the majority of war voters chose Jennifer Lawrence, Kate from The Hunger Grahams, as war winner. An understandable choice when…   Read Story »
Last week we tried very hard to figure out the Aubrey Plaza "juice bar neg" cliffhanger from the lastest issue of Rolling Stone, and the answer has finally been revealed! She didn't know who he was?…   Read Story »
This is an interesting Best New Party Game because it's time sensitive and a real answer exists not very far beyond our reach! Is everyone's blood pumping? Kind of like you took maybe too much…   Read Story »
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. If anything, this interview is not serious ENOUGH. Come on, Peter Travers, surely you can make your face even MORE solemn and grave. Obviously, you can't get too mad at…   Read Story »
I hate this so much. Congratulations to Bob Dylan on the very cool shout out. He’s so famous he probably has one of these right in his own home. Lucky! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to…   Read Story »
Your sense of self is constructed from the accumulation of your life experiences, the books you've read, the lessons of your parents, etc, etc. But a lot of it is theoretical, abstract. And as you…   Read Story »
The four girls from The Hills (Lauren, Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney) are on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. There's an excerpt from the accompanying article on-line, which gives you the dirt on…   Read Story »