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Roger Ebert is the best. Duh. BLOG US SOMETHING WE DON'T KNOW. But now his "best" status is going to be made official, because his childhood home is being declared a historic landmark. From the Sun…   Read Story »
Here are a couple of obvious truths: Roger Ebert Is The Best Bill O'Reilly Is The Worst So, admittedly, a feud between them would simply retrench these FACTS. No one is walking away from the…   Read Story »
Roger Ebert posted his review of Watchmen today. I haven't really read it because NO SPOILERS. Since there's absolutely no way to know what happens in that movie without seeing it or reading a review…   Read Story »
In his latest column, Ebert answers that age old question: y do we blog? The answer: bcuz we r alive.   Read Story »
Every once in awhile, you just need to be reminded that Roger Ebert is the best. He's smart and funny and earnest and doesn't give an FFFFFF. He wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls for his friend…   Read Story »
Nobody could have predicted in the innocent days of 1995 that Showgirls would be the cult classic and everlasting moneymaker that it became, but Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert's two thumbs down review…   Read Story »
From Roger Ebert's Step Brothers review (via Vulture): Sometimes I think I am living in a nightmare. All about me, standards are collapsing, manners are evaporating, people show no respect for…   Read Story »
In light of this week's news that Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper would both be leaving Ebert & Roeper, the classic movie review show that Ebert started 22 years ago with his friend Gene Siskel…   Read Story »
Roger Ebert has a blog. His top post is about Joe Vs. The Volcano. Nice. Roger Ebert is the best. You know that he wrote Russ Meyer movies, right? He wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and also…   Read Story »