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Do you ever have one of those days where the world itself seems to crumbling to terrible pieces and the only thing that is holding it together is the glue made from the tears born of our collective…   Read Story »
Chris Jones, the journalist behind the infamous Esquire profile of Roger Ebert (who is the best) points out an on-line feud that Roger Ebert has been having with your boyfriend, teabagging blogger…   Read Story »
Introducing the Roger Ebert Club. Honestly just one of the better clubs out there right now.   Read Story »
Roger Ebert, who is the best, will be on Oprah this afternoon, which I am sure we will all leave work to watch if we haven't called in sick already. But this preview clip in which he demonstrates his…   Read Story »
Roger Ebert has written a response to the Esquire profile of him. Legends never die.   Read Story »
The Esquire profile of Roger Ebert circulated on-line yesterday, I know, but when it comes to Roger Ebert's greatness, there are no time constraints. So if you haven't read it yet, do so now.   Read Story »
Oh, look who is on Twitter! It is Roger Ebert, that is who.   Read Story »
Date: September 1, 2009 Location: Internet Description: In extended-length promotional trailer for victorious upcoming season of At the Movies in which reviled Ben Lyons and loathed Ben Mankiewicz…   Read Story »
Roger Ebert addresses the haters (of his Transformers 2 review). And as the old saying goes: when you wrestle with the devil, you're gonna get wet with fire.   Read Story »
There's a reason he's called Roger Ebest. Read the whole thing. Here.   Read Story »