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TWITTER WAR! What is it good for? PLEASE RT! So, right, so, yesterday we had the very sad news that Ryan Dunn from Jackass died in a car accident, probably caused by the heavy drinking he was seen…   Read Story »
In a lot of ways, having Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J review a period love story like Water for Elephants is kind of predictable. Of course they're going to say things like, "it was a big fat fucking…   Read Story »
Roger Ebert continues to be the best.   Read Story »
You know who should win an Academy Award? ROGER EBERT. The 2011 Academy Awards air Sunday, February 27th!   Read Story »
Roger Ebert has a new prosthetic chin for the new incarnation of At The Movies. Good for him! Looks good! Love Roger Ebert the most always.   Read Story »
Roger Ebert's review of Life As We Know It is very very good. And did you read this NYT profile of Katherine Heigl? She's very very awful. (Example: "Pretending seems pretty ridiculous to me." Right.…   Read Story »
Where is everyone today, detention? Is it just me or is it quiet around here? Well, this dry news piece about Roger Ebert's effort to bring At the Movies back from cancellation ought to get people…   Read Story »
Roger Ebert is writing a cookbook in which every recipe will be made in a rice cooker. Roger Ebert is unstoppable.   Read Story »
In this interview with Armond White, film critic for the New York Press, he claims that Roger Ebert destroyed film criticism, but he makes no mention of the fact that he himself is an insufferable,…   Read Story »