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[Originally posted on March 21st, 2012.] Ring ding dong, ring a ding ding ding dong, keep your heads Red Bull! What's up, young women who were barely even bothered by the Rush Limbaugh dustup…   Read Story »
I know it's early, and that you might be a person who likes to stand in the morning while you still have a good amount of energy (so you can feel a little less guilty when you sit for the rest of the…   Read Story »
Holy shit. Sit down. Are you sitting? I don't care if you sit down all day and this is your chance to get up and stretch your legs, just LISTEN TO ME. Do you want me to tell you this news, have you…   Read Story »
Oh my god. You know how we're pretty sure that if either of us ever met Robert Pattinson it would be just, like, love at first sight or whatever? For him? And how you said you know that he would be…   Read Story »
Robert Pattinson does not like his nickname, "R-Patz." [RECORD SCRATCH] [CAR SCREECH] [GLASS CRASH] [AIR HORN] He also does not like adult Twilight fans, telling In Touch, "Sometimes I ask myself…   Read Story »
Egypt? How good Drunk History is? What happens when you die, and what if when you die you're actually reborn onto another planet and you're, like, an alien, and you find out that the rest of the…   Read Story »
Oooh, another first look! One day and two first looks, who could've guessed. This time your first look is at Parkland, the JFK assasination movie featuring Paul Giamatti, Colin Hanks, Zac Efron,…   Read Story »
"Hey George Clooney, r u awake? Did u see Under the Dome 2nite? Need 2 chat w/someone about it. This is Jessica Simpson." "Hey Paul Reubens, can you pick up an onion on your way over? Tom Cruise…   Read Story »
WHAT A NIGHTMARE. Imagine for a moment that you live in a small town and recently broke up with your boyfriend. You feel like everyone knows, everyone is looking at you in the grocery store, people…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Dior Homme announced that Robert Pattinson would be their new official spokesmodel. Hooray! What an incredible day for fans of Robert Pattinson and Dior Homme! Said the statement: "He has…   Read Story »