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Hahahaha. Mystery solved! Incidentally, if you are having trouble reading the fine print, it says "Add a little custom intrigue with creamer, toppings, syrups and sweeteners. So fresh it will…   Read Story »
Here's the new Sherlock Holmes poster you guys have been waiting for so anxiously. "Where iz it, I cant waiiiiiiiit." Is what you said on all your Sherlock Holmes Fan Forums. "OMG, Fans of…   Read Story »
And so it begins. Viral marketing website for Stark Industries. Iron Man II comes out in just one billion more months!   Read Story »
Today Variety reports that the 1985 cult classic Girls Just Want To Have Fun is being remade. This is huge news for fans of the often overlooked, actually quite witty dance movie (if Dorothy Parker…   Read Story »
Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes trailer, you guys: Fair enough. You see, despite this movie's modern pacing and winking humor, it is still a period piece, so it makes sense that within the framework…   Read Story »
It was a big deal for a while last summer when Tropic Thunder released previews containing the scene where Robert Downey, Jr. urges Ben Stiller to "Never go full retard." I watched the DVD last night…   Read Story »
Paramount is having a little fun with the annual season of For Your Consideration ads leading up to the big movie award nominations, mounting a new "campaign" for the Tropic Thunder character Kirk…   Read Story »
Hey, look, some nice person has bootlegged the fake trailer for Satan's Alley, one of the movies Tropic Thunder character Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey, Jr.) won one of his Oscar-bait Oscars for, which…   Read Story »
Sure, Robert Downey Jr. in black-face is controversial, but let's not forget Steve Martin in Mexican-face. Before there was Tropic Thunder, there was The Three Amigos: a comparison.   Read Story »
When I went to see Iron Man (back in the spring of 1847), the theater erupted into enthusiastic applause during the scene in which Tony Stark is flying in his private jet with a Ghostface video…   Read Story »