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Haha. AWWWWW! Parents just don't understand, right, Robert Downey Jr.? Poor guy. He's been up there all day and didn't even touch the pb&j sandwich I left outside his door. Downey Jr. is on the cover…   Read Story »
Someone sat down and made these and everyone else was like, well, yeah, of course you did.   Read Story »
The Planters' ads in which Robert Downey Jr. plays (voice) Mr. Peanut are here. Nothing updates a brand for the modern consumer like 1960s-style stop-motion claymation. THESE MAY OR MAY NOT BE YOUR…   Read Story »
"In another sign of how keen Kraft is to update Mr. Peanut, the [new] commercial is to be previewed on the character’s Facebook page ( before it runs on TV and in movie…   Read Story »
Due Date trailer, you guys: The best part about The Hangover was Zach Galifianakis. No duh. (Oh, wait, what were you going to say? Mike Tyson's annoying cameo? You're wrong. The best part…   Read Story »
Oh well. And I had been looking forward to this one, too. Iron Man 2 was long, and boring, and overly complicated only to be too simply resolved, and most importantly it wasn't very much fun. But…   Read Story »
This week's Videogum Movie Club selection is Iron Man 2 because ah no ah duh. Can you believe that when Iron Man 1 came out, Videogum Movie Club didn't even exist?! The world is changed! I can feel…   Read Story »
A new Iron Man 2 trailer, you guys: It looks fun! Very action packed. Very Shandling packed. And I think we can all agree that the first movie was definitely lacking in PORTABLE SUITCASE IRON…   Read Story »
Iron Man 2 trailer, you guys: I am glad that they replaced Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle. You can just tell from this trailer what an important change that was. Slow down, Don Cheadle! Save…   Read Story »
The first image from Todd Phillips's upcoming movie, Due Date, starring Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr., is now on-line and it features the two of them sitting in a car. And....that's it.…   Read Story »