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I missed this yesterday because I think it happened after I already put up the links and listen nobody's perfect, but guess what! Paul Rudd is going to guest star on Parks and Recreation! As Leslie…   Read Story »
What's better than two guys you love interviewing each other? Huh? Lots of stuff? Lots of stuff, but that thing is still a great thing? Fair enough! Here is Nick Kroll interviewing Rob McElhenney.…   Read Story »
The original Sweet Dee talks about developing the show and then getting fired. Which is interesting, and the good news is she seems to be doing pretty well now. But it's funny when she pretends like…   Read Story »
As a promo for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5, coming in September, the Gang put together this compilation of fans (including Ted Leo and of Montreal) singing "Dayman" from last year's…   Read Story »
Artemis Pebdani has just been added to the cast of a FOX pilot called Boldly Going Nowhere that's being put together by the Always Sunny "gang." Her name is actually Artemis? Acting!   Read Story »
Last night's season finale was really good. PHEW. Leave them wanting more, am I right you guys? That's probably the second most important showbiz rule aft--TIMING! So, now that we've finished the…   Read Story »
Next week is the season finale already! I think that the shortened seasons help this show to remain "fresh." It means that "the gang" only has to come up with a dozen premises per season, rather than…   Read Story »
Last week, I really harped on the fact that Charlie and Dee are the best thing about this show, and that for the most part, Dennis and Mac and Danny DeVito I could do without. But come on, you guys…   Read Story »
DVR is a pretty great invention (I am a graduate of the Duh Academy, and have also spent the past three summers leading Obviousness seminars at the Learning Annex). It just makes the consumption of…   Read Story »
I didn't write about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia last week. You know why? Because it was awful. And I didn't want to get angry emails from IASIP apologists explaining to me what a gay retard I…   Read Story »