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Breaking Bad thanks you, Albuquerque. -Vulture Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke, and The Roots performed "Blurred Lines" with children's instruments, and it was delightful. (Even though that song is not…   Read Story »
You're looking at a verrry close-up picture of Nick Offerman's moustache that was taken by Rob Huebel. -@robhuebel Hey! You! Quit whining and put on a goddamn coat. -TheWorldsBestEver 75 Years…   Read Story »
The Internet's best web series Burning Love doesn't return until 2013, but for now you can check out the VERY, VERY GOOD cast of its second season. So good. Can't wait.   Read Story »
Rob Huebel has posted the Internet's first photo of Mad Men's Rich Sommer in the nude. This is particularly good news for Morgan Freeman, who can cross another item off his Bucket List.…   Read Story »
In addition to looking forward to the Ricky Gervais Show, I am also really looking forward to the Funny or Die show, Funny or Die Presents. Based on the trailer above, they will have an episode of…   Read Story »
Here is a special Christmas song featuring many of your favorite comedians, recorded in what looks like your divorced dad's brand new one-room apartment. You get your own room!   Read Story »
Now Rob Huebel is feeling the power.   Read Story »
RT: he's in a vehicle, I'm in a vehicle, we are equals RT: let people pass you, that's part of this RT: you're being followed by a professional follower RT: I am not going to hurt you, sir, at all. I…   Read Story »
Despite my own website's best efforts, I haven't really been sold on Paper Heart, but this promo clip with Charlene Yi and Rob Huebel is so funny and charming that I am changing Paper Heart from a…   Read Story »
Zune, whatever that is, has teamed up with Mean Magazine to create a series of movie parodies starring odd pairings of fames with unlikely movie choices. Looks like Mr. Zune took a course in What The…   Read Story »