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Well, sort of. Watch Ricky Gervais squirm when he's asked about Russsell Brand's "Huge Scandal In England For Some Reason" prank call to an old actor's "answer-phone." Ricky is clearly not…   Read Story »
Ricky Gervais and Thandie Newton re-enacted the script of the Sarah Palin porn movie on The Graham Norton Show, and it was funny: Thandie Newton's Sarah Palin impression sounds exactly like Hayley…   Read Story »
At one point on last night's episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Ricky Gervais stood behind Conan, who was kneeling on all fours, and took pictures of him with his iPhone. This is that point.   Read Story »
Ghost Town trailer, you guys: Well, this will finally put to rest those long late night debates after too many bacontinis about whether or not The Ghost Sense would make a great comedy. The answer…   Read Story »
As you might know and be excited about, Ricky Gervais has a new movie coming out next year called The Other Side Of The Truth for which he's been keeping a production blog, and which stars, among…   Read Story »
So how about SNL's Steve Carell-hosted finale this weekend? It was actually ... really ... funny. It's almost as if having a host who's a veteran comic actor and not some flavor-of-the-month…   Read Story »
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to The Office, explaining that while the show was great and funny, someone, or possibly a group of people, had taken one too many Whoops pills before the…   Read Story »
Yep, "weiner." I'm trying to bring it back (from the fourth grade). Last night on Conan, Steve Carell told of the time Ricky Gervais peeked over the partition of a bathroom urinal at his…   Read Story »
Here are Ricky Gervais and Jason Bateman goofin' around like a couple of goofballs on the set of Gervais's directorial debut feature film, This Side Of The Truth: Now, for some reason I could…   Read Story »
My friend Andrew asks a pertinent question about The Office, you guys: "Is the conceit of the program still that they're being filmed for a documentary? Does that even make sense anymore?" That is…   Read Story »