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On late night television last night there was an historic competition for Best Guest held between Conan O'Brien at the Tonight Show and David Letterman at the Late Show. Conan featured a candid…   Read Story »
Louis talks about his role in the upcoming Ricky Gervais movie, and about his encounter with Jennifer Garner. Probably an Easter egg for the superfans only, but hey, superfans, here's your Easter egg.   Read Story »
We just saw the trailer for The Invention of Lying a week ago, which Ricky Gervais wrote, directed, and stars in, and here he is already doing promotion for another movie called Cemetery Junction…   Read Story »
The Invention of Lying trailer, you guys: I bet Ricky Gervais has had this conversation a lot: "So, it's Liar Liar." "No, it's not Liar Liar." "How is it it different from Liar Liar?" "Well,…   Read Story »
This video is more or less taking two completely random, unrelated things (the hilarious exchange between Ricky Gervais and Patrick Stewart on Extras, and the Disney movie Bambi) and putting them…   Read Story »
I clicked because it's a new outtake from Ricky Gervais's upcoming (November) appearance on Sesame Street, but I stayed because Elmo drops character but stays in-voice! Ricky: "Do you know what…   Read Story »
This is a British viral marketing attempt video for some sort of Human Resources software program for offices. At least they went all out: While on the one hand it's cringe-worthy for a company to…   Read Story »
In the run up to this weekend's Ricky Gervais stand up special on HBO, Out of England, there was a subway ad that featured him wearing a crown and a cape. Now, I didn't want to say anything because I…   Read Story »
For their 200th episode, James Lipton handed the interview reins over to Dave Chappelle, and now Ricky Gervais is going to be on the show? What's going on here? Where are the puff pieces on Wesley…   Read Story »
In Ricky Gervais's continuing quest to humiliate Conan O'Brien on his own show (last appearance, Gervais convinced O'Brien to crawl on all fours for iPhone photos), on Friday night's show, Gervais…   Read Story »