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Guys, I really do not like Ricky Gervais anymore. I said that last time I talked about this atheist picture and I want to say it again because it is on a magazine now. Ricky, please be quiet. I…   Read Story »
If you thought it was difficult before, it's now almost IMPOSSIBLE to tell which one is Turtle and which one is Gabe. -BWE Mad Men is streaming on Netflix right now! -Netflix WTF is going on with…   Read Story »
Celebrities wearing t-shirts of each other. The stars, they're just like us! -Celebuzz I bet David Cross is super upset that Ricky Gervais has stolen his title of Atheist Comedian. "I don't believe…   Read Story »
Gervais describes his upcoming faux documentary for the BBC, Life's Too Short, as "a cross between Extras and The Office." Hahah. "A cross between my other two shows." That sounds good though, and it…   Read Story »
On last night's episode of The Simpsons, they parodied Pixar, and Wallace and Gromit, and also the Triplets of Belleville (which is the best, right, and we have never really addressed how good it…   Read Story »
This kid I knew in high school got caught tagging one time and the police took him to his house and explained to his parents what had happened. After the police officers left, his dad confronted him…   Read Story »
There is simply nothing better than a comedian earnestly discussing comedy JK JK JK! That's the joke! This video is interesting enough, I guess. It certainly takes itself about as seriously as it…   Read Story »
Holy cow. I did not have very high expectations going into last night's Golden Globe awards, but somehow even my low expectations were not met. What was that? Three hours in some cramped warehouse…   Read Story »
Oh, the Golden Globes. You are the to the Oscars' Zappos. Always the bridesmaid, never the Oscars, RIGHT, GOLDEN GLOBES? Chin up, Golden Globes. At least you're not the MTV Movie Awards.…   Read Story »
The nominees for the 2011 Golden Globes were announced this morning! Yay? Aww, OK, it's Christmas, right? YAY! Haha. Just kidding. Sorry, Golden Globes, but even the general enthusiasm and goodwill…   Read Story »