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Over the weekend, the Republican candidates for President of the United States engaged in yet another televised debate, and apparently things are getting important now or something because I think…   Read Story »
Happy GIF time, everybody! Are you aware that there is only one more GIF Friday until the day BEFORE Christmas Eve? I realize the amount of words you have to say to describe that idea kind of makes…   Read Story »
Rick Perry's terrible, homophobic campaign ad has only been around for two days and it already has more dislikes on YouTube than Rebecca Black's "Friday" video. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, SORT OF!   Read Story »
What a hero! The courage it takes in this day and age to admit that you are a Christian? Few of us can even imagine such fortitude. As you probably know, Christians these days are just super scared…   Read Story »
Speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire, in the run-up to that state's upcoming primary election, hopeful Republican nomination candidate, Texas governor Rick Perry, asked the youth of America to…   Read Story »
Last night on The Colbert Report, Michael Stipe and Brian Eno showed up and sang "Lean On Me" with each other. It was the best! You should watch it! It goes on for a VERY long time! -AV…   Read Story »
"Oops!" - Ricky Perry (See also: this.)   Read Story »
As we all know, President Barack Obama was born in Kenya. He's black, first of all. Black? Give me a break. Second of all, show us the birth certificate if he wasn't. The REAL one -- the one that…   Read Story »
First to state the obvious: what does this have to do with being the President of the United States? Besides absolutely nothing? I'm pretty sure there was an actual clip from the movie Unstoppable at…   Read Story »
In light of the past couple weeks of GOP debate videos in which faceless strangers hidden in the shadows scream nightmare things about people dying, it is nice to have a reminder that there are still…   Read Story »