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Well?! Guys?! What do you think?! The new slate of fall television shows has started, so it's time to throw those undeveloped opinions around! As anyone with a blog will tell you, pilots are very…   Read Story »
A lot of stuff happened this weekend! Saturday Night Live came back! All the Thursday shows came back! Mitt Romney! Other stuff, too! Let's stop talking about it and just get to looking at GIFs about…   Read Story »
JJ Abrams's new show Revolution premieres tonight on NBC at 10PM Eastern. Yay? Revolution is this year's Terra Catraz River Event. I guess the basic premise is that something happens and all of the…   Read Story »
NBC ran an extended preview of its new show Revolution last night during the Olympics. (I've posted it after the jump, but I would love it if you would keep reading this pre-amble first. You don't…   Read Story »
This week, a monster revolution was fomented on Twitter. Or something? I'm still not entirely clear. Some of you began posting messages of varying degrees of militancy and self-righteous fury,…   Read Story »
Here's the thing, fames: you did it, OK? We get it. You cracked the code on how to live a life of cultured ease with delicious food, exotic travel, and the constant company of friends who are at…   Read Story »