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Do you guys ever get worried that Hollywood will suddenly start generating new material and that not every single movie will be some gently reheated nostalgic throwback property from yesteryear…   Read Story »
PBS has announced that it is developing an animated spin-off series based on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Presumably Mr. Rogers will be a CGI young wizard and King Friday will be a werewolf voiced by…   Read Story »
It turns out that OUR generation's Dallas is just more Dallas.   Read Story »
The question I pose to you is this: can you think of a worse idea?   Read Story »
Didn't we all agree that 300 kind of sucked? I was pretty sure that we all agreed that 300 kind of sucked. I know for sure that everyone agreed that Clash of the Titans sucked, and if memory serves,…   Read Story »
A group of 58 amateur filmmakers have recreated the movie Footloose in its entirety. You can watch the whole thing, or you can just admire the idea of it. It depends on where your head's at these…   Read Story »
Recently, some items were stolen from the landing of my building. Namely, a pair of boots and one of those collapsible, rolling shopping carts that old ladies (and I) use for groceries. I'm not…   Read Story »
Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Warner Bros and Robert Zemeckis are moving forward with a remake of The Wizard of Oz. Cool! Good thinking, everyone involved. "Is there a single reason that…   Read Story »
It is official. They are remaking Footloose, and Kevin Bacon's character will be played by Nate Archibald. From Variety: Chace Crawford has signed on to star in Paramount Pictures' remake of…   Read Story »
Guys, they're remaking Drop Dead Fred. I have no idea why since that movie was perfect. From Hollywood Reporter: Universal Pictures is resurrecting the 1991 comedy "Drop Dead Fred," this time as a…   Read Story »