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He's back! Since last week's Best New Party Game based on this dude was such a fun success, I don't see why we can't do it again. Except this week there is a new rule: SEQUELS ONLY. I'll go…   Read Story »
Oh boy. The Westboro Baptist Church, best known for its charming and charismatic leader, Fred Phelps, and it's welcoming and HOLY message that God Hates Fags, has decided that one of the ways to…   Read Story »
Ah, this BNPG is going to be a challenge! But I think we can do it. The game is like Othello: minutes to learn, a lifetime to master. (P.S. if you actually spend your lifetime trying to master this,…   Read Story »
Maybe it is from watching Jesus Camp one too many times, or just the abundance of crazy American baby preachers, but I really thought we had a strangle-hold on miniature human beings spouting…   Read Story »
Nope. No. Nunh-unh. "But Gabe, they have a website." So? Everyone has a website. Your mom has a website. It's called htttp://, and she hasn't updated it in nine months. What is…   Read Story »
With excitement over James Cameron's upcoming World of Warcraft Expansion Pack movie, Avatar, it was only a matter of time before a religious group took issue with its potential to confuse and…   Read Story »
Nope. No. Oh, I hate everything about this! As far as The Big Lebowski is concerned, it is a sometimes funny, always odd movie. It is probably worth seeing a couple of times just to sort of wrap…   Read Story »