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The "About" section of the video says, "Losing faith lately in everything, world, economy, governments, people in the place where I live and people I work with etc.," which, ahh, ehhhh, hah, well,…   Read Story »
Kelly: Gabe! Gabe: Kelly! Kelly: How are you?! Gabe: I'm pretty good, thanks! Gabe: I'm walking on sunshine JK! Kelly: How dare you! Gabe: WHY WON'T ANYONE LET ME BE HAPPY FOR ONCE IN MY…   Read Story »
If the religion you practice brings you any sort of peace in this world without forcing you to do harm to anyone else (or yourself), then by all means you should practice that religion. I think that…   Read Story »
Does it even matter why someone from the cast of Two and a Half Men (in this case Angus T. Jones, the half-man) would come out to say that Two and a Half Men is filth that no one should be watching?…   Read Story »
Choosing to be baptized as an adult, thereby dedicating your life to the Christian faith, is an important and serious decision one makes with their heart, their mind, their faith, their family, and…   Read Story »
If you have to read something, it might as well at least be ABOUT a television show that you like.   Read Story »
As we all sit around and watch the very notion of true and lasting love die right before our eyes, a lot of attempts are going to be made to understand what happened as if it even matters because…   Read Story »
Twilight may be many things, but it is not a religion. Because that would be unacceptable! From Live Science: "Twilight" and other supernatural tales may give some non-religious teens a place to…   Read Story »
All the Jews do this for sure without exception. Yup! FACT. To celebrate Passover. The Passover Dance!   Read Story »
I'm not sure if you've all been to church today already or what, but as some of you may know, today is St. Nicholas Day. I know that because St. Nicholas Day shares a birthday with someone who thinks…   Read Story »