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Slowly breathe in and out. Calm your mind. Pick up the barrels of cotton. Lay them out again. Pick them up again, this time they will be standing upright. Everything is in its right place. Breathe in…   Read Story »
Have you ever wanted to not feel so stressed out from daily human stresses such as "job" and "relationship" and "general"? If you're like many humans, the answer could be "yes"! So why not find a way…   Read Story »
Let's ease into this morning with a relaxing Hawaii beach scene. Feels good, right? It's almost as if you're there, on the beach, rather than wherever else you are right now, not on the beach. Ahhh.…   Read Story »
Maybe on your way to work you accidentally sat in something wet on the train, or accidentally stepped in something you didn't want to, or ran into someone you didn't want to see. Maybe you…   Read Story »