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Look at Oprah, man! She is just like fuck it, I'm getting in the bath. What time is it? JK who cares what time it is. I'm getting in the bath either way. Oprah is like, It doesn't matter what time…   Read Story »
An Etsy seller has a wide selection of Star Wars themed jewelry for sale. Do you like that? Personally I'm not that interested in Star Wars anything because I'm a full grown adult. But some people…   Read Story »
I know it's difficult to be a young man. You're dealing with a lot of new emotions and new stuff going on with your body, and half of the time when you're upset (which seems like A LOT of the time…   Read Story »
Oh good. It has been awhile since we have had a party game. What has everyone even been doing at parties lately? Who knows. "Want to talk about current events, or things that are happening in your…   Read Story »