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It has been years and years since Reh Dogg became THEIR generation's Antoine Dodson with his hit single, "Why Must I Cry," which in Internet time is centuries and centuries. He might as well be an…   Read Story »
Reh Dogg's "Why Must I Cry" remains one of the greatest viral videos of all time. And like they say: you can't make perfection better because it's already you can't.…   Read Story »
There is one person who is not sharing in the general sense of exuberance and high hopes that's flooding the internet today. Reh Dogg, creator of "Why Must I Cry," is not only disappointed in the…   Read Story »
There's a lot of internet meme attention paid on amateur would-be musicians who are even more lacking in self-awareness then they are in musical talent. We're as guilty of that as anyone. Because the…   Read Story »
Last week I foolishly claimed to have found the new "Why Must I Cry?" While an intoxicated man wearing a Batman mask and singing Guns N' Roses' "Patience" out on the train tracks behind his favorite…   Read Story »
If you don't have the personal experience and depth of human emotion to create a heart-crushing tune like Reh Dogg's "Why Must I Cry?" but you still want to demolish it musically, what do you do? You…   Read Story »