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Early this morning, Michael Ian Black appeared on Fox News’ Red Eye to defend a Native American tribe’s right to kill bald eagles. Yep! Watch it!   Read Story »
Let me begin by saying that it must be incredibly frustrating to be an artist and feel like you have no control over the way in which your art is used. Like if you were a painter and nobody was…   Read Story »
Mike Huckabee has terrible political philosophies and some pretty questionable social/morality positions as well, but his opinion of the band Torche is pretty correct.   Read Story »
This Zach Anner thing has legs. (Sorry.)   Read Story »
I took a red eye airplane last night. Do you know what a red eye airplane is? It's an airplane that leaves very late at night and gets in even earlier in the morning, and if you're lucky, Cillian…   Read Story »
Based on his recent success as a viral video superstar (we did it!), Joel Bauer, aka, "The Business Card Guy," was a guest on Red Eye With Greg Gutfield last night. At first, when I saw his laughing,…   Read Story »
Lots of Room news today!: For those planning to see the midnight screening of The Room tonight in the east village comes this exciting news: look for director Tommy Wiseau, because I'm told he'll be…   Read Story »
Michelle Collins of Best Week Ever is hosting the not-very-Fox-Newsy Fox News talk show Red Eye again tonight and Monday night. Tivo alert for 3 am, because Michelle is hilarious and one of the few…   Read Story »
Last Friday, our friend Michelle Collins from guest-hosted Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News. And may I predict that Michelle Collins will soon host her own TV show, so charming and witty…   Read Story »