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Last night, Rebel Wilson was given the honor of hosting the MTV Movie Awards, the most star-studded evening of movie trailer premieres and nonsense awards, some of which actually just do not make any…   Read Story »
When I was around 12 or 13 years old, I was in an airport flying from somewhere to somewhere else (I'm not realizing that I should probably save this story for some sort of published memoir, as it is…   Read Story »
NYTimes Magazine is calling Channing Tatum one of 2012’s Memorable Men. Look at the prestigious accompanying sketch! Channing, you've arrived. -FilmDrunk 'The Real Problem With Homeland' by…   Read Story »
Here is a picture of Rebel Wilson being manhandled in this month's issue of Details. And here she is hanging out with a bunch of kangaroos. Both things sound pretty good to me! -ONTD Guess who has…   Read Story »