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This is what it sounds like, but somehow it is also so much more. (Via Joe Mande.)   Read Story »
Considering that the last two songs formed a darkly epic pair about the time that James killed Mike's mom and then shot Mike, it is nice to see the most violent rap beef in the game getting squashed…   Read Story »
This is what we get for the international music embargo that the United Nations Security Council has imposed on Ireland for decades now. If only he had ever had a chance to hear what music sounded…   Read Story »
This is what is Funkmaster Flex and/or Cipha Sounds would call a "Friday miracle." KRISPY KREEEEEEEME! So dope. Fuck James. Real bikes. #GETKREMED   Read Story »
You probably just thought Money Maker Mike was a hype man and that was it. Well think AGAIN. He's also a GENUINE FRIEND. The kind of genuine friend we all need and have in each other. Rest in peace,…   Read Story »
I was just kidding last time. This is the one. KJ is OUR generation's this kid! A Bentley Green for the kids. (Via DavidCho.)   Read Story »
Usually, there are two types of music videos: literal and interpretive. In a literal music video, the images line up pretty closely with the lyrics, while in an interpretive music video the visuals…   Read Story »