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You: Welcome to my new home, all mine, just mine all mine, designed by me and just mine forever! Your Friend: Wait. Is this Michael Jordan's old mansion?! You: Uhh-- Your Friend: Holy shit! You…   Read Story »
You: So...? Someone: So what? You: So do you recognize my house? Someone: Hmmm... You: Think...think about houses you've seen recently... Someone: Is it one of the houses you emailed me…   Read Story »
Sometimes you guys talk about taking the plunge and moving in together, but it always ends in a stalemate. Felice doesn't want to give up her 0-square-foot "apartment," and you don't want to…   Read Story »
Following up on yesterday's GOSSIP, in which it was revealed that Brad and Angelina's new house was too BIG, now we're talking about a house that's too SMALL! Argh. Normal sized houses everyone,…   Read Story »
Danny Masterson (That '70s Show, Scientology) has been the victim of real estate investment fraud! This story is very boring but there is a reason I am posting it so please bear with me! From…   Read Story »