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It's Videogum Movie Club time again! This week's movie is I Love You, Man (duh). Let's meet back here on Monday to talk about it. Yay. (Remember: keep up with Movie Club selections by following the…   Read Story »
Man, everyone is on Twitter these days, right? Every single person. Diddy is on Twitter. Sash Grey is on Twitter. Lindsay is on Twitter. It only follows that there is no one who is not on Twitter.…   Read Story »
Two new red band clips from the upcoming Paul Rudd/Jason Segel OMG bromance I Love You, Man were released yesterday, and one of them, a scene in which Paul Rudd and Jon Favreau have a beer-drinking…   Read Story »
The red-band trailer for Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's new comedy, I Love You, Man, came out this weekend. It's similar to the regular trailer, but with some extra funny stuff at the end, and also the…   Read Story »
Monday's Access Hollywood had a sneak preview of the preview for the Paul Rudd/Jason Segel bromance comedy I Love You, Man, and it seemed kind of "eh." Now there's a full trailer, and it's amazing…   Read Story »
Access Hollywood had an exclusive first look at the trailer for the latest Apatow-unrelated Judd Apatow movie, I Love You, Man, starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, with a premise that's basically…   Read Story »
The project formerly known as "The Office Spinoff" has signed on Rashida Jones as a co-star along with Poehler and Aziz Ansari, playing "a nurse whose boyfriend has a strange injury." Okay, whatever,…   Read Story »