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For years, hip hop imagery has been dominated by an unrelenting focus on material wealth. Popular artists have worked as hard on presenting themselves as wealthy members of an elite social caste as…   Read Story »
This guy is so gully that his language is NOT EVEN SAFE FOR WORK, son! Y'heard! Headphones UP! Streets is going crazy for this one. Dude threw another dude in the ocean (the ocean!) because he…   Read Story »
Seriously, what is wrong with him? Something's wrong with him, right? Is it a disease? IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE BLOG?! Also, what's up with this: Yikes. Ron Artest, what is going on with you? Do…   Read Story »
Look, if a "professional MMA fighter" wants to make a rap video for his original song "No Surrender," fair enough. And if he wants that video to include his "crew" backing him up, to prove that he is…   Read Story »
1/2 Price is having much more fun than we are. Do not doubt that for a second. In case you do, here's video proof: (Via YouTube Reviewed.) 1/2 Price for famous person '09! If you're a booker at a…   Read Story »