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Traditionally, a Porno Switcheroo involves seeing porno when you were supposed to see something else. Porno is primarily a visual medium. But it's got a pretty recognizable soundtrack, and when that…   Read Story »
Well, that was fast. Hey, remember when Susan Boyle went on that TV show and became instantly famous around the world and within a matter of weeks she completely imploded and had to go to a hospital…   Read Story »
And thus America's Favorite Fairy Tale enters its second chapter.   Read Story »
I'm very happy for Ted Williams and his newfound success. It's nice when nice things happen to people! Why not? But what I'm REALLY excited about is all the thousands of homeless people out there who…   Read Story »
He's like the Susan Boyle of homeless men! Normally, I would expect a homeless man to sound different. Like worms, I guess. I just basically assume that a homeless person's voice sounds like a…   Read Story »
Relationships come and go. It's often impossible to pinpoint exactly where things went wrong. But ultimately it comes down to a lack of desire to make things work. No one is perfect, every couple has…   Read Story »
Enough! Let's turn those frowns upside down! Zach Galifianakis was on Fresh Air yesterday. Let's listen here. Better.   Read Story »
It's the closest we're ever going to get to the universally shared dream of an episode of the Leonard Lopate Show being hosted by an actual Christopher Walken impersonator. Second best thing!   Read Story »
Fresh Air, your mom's favorite late night talk show (in bed by 4PM, no BUTS), has been censored in Mississippi. Because of an interview with Louis C.K. From Jewcy: Terry Gross is a little too…   Read Story »
Isn't it weird when you are listening to NPR and you realize that your parents now know about something you like? Stupid old parents don't understand ANYTHING. (Just kidding! Love you guys!) Listen…   Read Story »