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Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: hey kelly Gabe: what up dog? Gabe: yo dog what up my main man? Kelly: Not much top dog! Kelly: Just hanging out with the window open like it's summertime. Kelly: And…   Read Story »
Is Michele Bachmann still a thing? I haven't been keeping up with the email newsletter so I'm not actually sure if she's a thing still. In any case, at a recent Michele Bachmann town hall meeting…   Read Story »
Pat Robertson asking the tough questions. CONFIRMED: mac and cheese is apparently a black thing. Get on board, America. (Thanks for the tip, Nathan.)   Read Story »
Politichicks is a new web series in which conservative women discuss the issues of the day from a conservative viewpoint. According to their YouTube description, "Conservative Americans will have an…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, Fred Phelps and phriends staged a Classic Westboro Baptist Church Protest at Arlington National Cemetery because God Hates Fags In Uniforms. Honestly, I've never fully understood…   Read Story »
Like clockwork, Jon Stewart returns to the O'Reilly Factor for his six-month standing appointment to argue with Bill about something inconsequential. In this case: the "controversial" (LOL!) rapper…   Read Story »
Good GOD! What a nightmare! Just to put things into perspective, Congress passed civil rights legislation in 1964 and the first Jurassic Park movie came out in 1993. But apparently, the world has not…   Read Story »
Put on your headphones, guys, because are about to go on an ADVENTURE! Our journey with Captain Your Boyfriend of the S.S. Pants continues after the jump! Our hero's superpower is…   Read Story »
Today is Mel Gibson's 55th birthday. 55 years YOUNG! Happy Birthday, Mel Gibson. I made you a card.   Read Story »
When Babe25 (Babe27?) isn't out there trying to raise awareness about the insidious cancer afflicting our white women, she is just straight killing it on Justin Bieber songs on her Wendy's drive-thru…   Read Story »