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One of the people from whatever Duck Dynasty continues to be spoke with GQ recently and, if you can believe it, based on the idea of what Duck Dynasty must be that you've developed from the images…   Read Story »
Earlier this week, Aisha Harris published an essay on Slate titled "Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore" about the confusion and otherness she felt as a child seeing the image of a white…   Read Story »
Wait, but why would Rob Zombie have specified if they weren't all black? (Via Hypervocal.)   Read Story »
"I know it seems like I always do this -- as soon as the holiday season approaches, it must seem like I just cling to whatever guy I've been dating and hang on to him until March. And maybe I have…   Read Story »
Because we all have Twitter, our generation's The Newspaper, I'm going to assume that most of us are caught up with Senator Ted "We Need 100 More Like Jesse Helms" Cruz's non-filibuster on the floor…   Read Story »
"Please don't give me a standing ovation. I appreciate your support, your forgiveness, and the opportunity to return to my job, but the fact is that giving me a 10-minute standing ovation simply…   Read Story »
Nothing is worse than an Internet full of bloggers rephrasing a legal decision that they've just attempted to grasp two seconds ago when another blogger rephrased it (just kidding, there are many…   Read Story »
It was quiet, almost too quiet, as Hugh Jackman walked towards the seemingly abandoned warehouse at the edge of town, no noises except his boots scraping against gravel, the occasional dog barking in…   Read Story »
At dinner last night, the conversation naturally turned to Paula Deen, and one of the better observations made was that regardless of whether or not Paula Deen is maliciously racist or not, which we…   Read Story »
Rest your case, Paula Deen. P.S. I love how many cuts there are in this 44 second video. One Take Tony, she is not! What was going on during this shoot? Just so many edits because she devolved…   Read Story »