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I am not touching this one. I'm just going to stand here in the falling snow and watch Chris Matthews morosely climb the steps into the armored bus heading to Race Jail. He's all yours, Warden! This…   Read Story »
It is a shame that someone thought it would be funny to denigrate the noble sport of horse racing by naming their horse Hoof Hearted. That is not funny, sir, it is disgusting. To think of all the…   Read Story »
The first District 9 trailer looked great. And now there is a new District 9 trailer, you guys: Oh no, why won't we let them leave? We should let them leave! But first we should buy tickets to…   Read Story »
For years now, I've been trying to convince Hollywood to combine Cop Land, Snakes on a Plane, Training Day, "eracism" t-shirts, White Man's Burden, The 'Burbs, Rear Window, and Wilson from Home…   Read Story »