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You cannot turn down Tumblr's most reblogged actor of 2013 in his request to help break through your morning fog with a recitation of R. Kelly's “Genius" from last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel…   Read Story »
WORSE! Ah, sorry. I didn't even ask the question yet, and here I am forcing my opinio--WORSE! WORSE WORSE WOSE WORSE! Imagine this: You've been stranded on the Tarmac for two hours. It's hot and you…   Read Story »
'President Obama Meets PSY At Christmas In Washington': Worlds had been lightly colliding. PSY's sweater, though!! -BuzzFeed Chris Hardwick gave a sub-par yet awesome weather report on Fox 17…   Read Story »
R. Kelly may be taking his hip hopera to the great white way. There are plenty of surprises around every corner in this weird and wonderful world of ours.   Read Story »
The very first five chapters of R. Kelly's hip hopera (his term), Trapped in the Closet, were released as audio tracks in spring of 2005 (the videos would come later that year) and let me tell you,…   Read Story »
It is never cool or worthwhile to speculate about the reasons that led up to a couple's divorce. First of all it is none of our business, and second of all there are things -- no matter how public…   Read Story »
I do think it is important to remember that R. Kelly once videotaped himself URINATING ON A CHILD. But otherwise this is very inspiring and uplifting, yes. (Via ONTD.)   Read Story »
So good! It barely even reminded me of the time that he peed on a child. (Via Vulture.)   Read Story »
Every month, Duh Aficionado magazine has at least one feature-length article about how R. Kelly is a lunatic, duh. This month, upon the release of his song "Echo," R. Kelly appears to have stirred up…   Read Story »
"Number One" video, you guys (SPOILER ALERT: R. Kelly likes sex): I have no idea why R. Kelly isn't in jail. And I'm not talking about the make believe Haha Jail where we put the world's Paltrows…   Read Story »