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I know we're going to have Petting Zoo later today, so normally I wouldn't post an extra animal video to start the morning, but this morning some of us spent an hour looking for an alternate side…   Read Story »
I don't know what "adjust your cute levels for maximum cute" is supposed to mean, but who cares, ARE YOU SEEING THIS VIDEO? (Via DailyPicks.)   Read Story »
Hah! Fuck you, Monday morning! (Via ViralViral.)   Read Story »
Ever since reading Lawrence Wright's Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief, which I highly recommend, I think about Scientology roughly, ahhh, just about all of the time.…   Read Story »
To One Major Dad To Another, Oh boy. Well, here we are. Just to put things into perspective, when we launched Videogum on April 8th, 2008, George W. Bush was still President of the United States.…   Read Story »
I'm worried about Sigourney Weaver, you guys. Like, is she OK? Here she is at the Broadway Barks Annual Adoption Event and it's like, do you need to sit down? What's the matter? What can we bring…   Read Story »
Read that headline somewhere this morning, seems important. You guys want to talk about that? You want to talk about the fact that a source close to Stacy Keibler (which already LOL) told "the press"…   Read Story »
Lindsay Lohan was booked by the Santa Monica police this morning following her appearance in court yesterday where she plead no contest to some stuff who cares it is the true HEIGHT of not our…   Read Story »
Uh oh, ladies. Better call the hospital and make sure they have a last minute reservation for a VAGINA REPLACEMENT because yours just EXPLODED. (OK, first of all, I am sorry. That was gross. And I…   Read Story »
Beautiful in its simplicity. (Via WarmingGlow.)   Read Story »