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Another day, another misguided on-line campaign. Today the New York Daily News is reporting that there is an on-line position to get Sesame Street to have Bert and Ernie marry each other. Oh…   Read Story »
A couple of weeks ago, when we did the Videogum 6-Month Performance Review, some of you said that you did not like when the site covered movie trailers very much, which personally I will never…   Read Story »
First of all, YES, obviously. "One adult for the movie with the felt toys in it, please." We are all going to see this and that's the end of that. But I do wish Amy Adams's character was going to be…   Read Story »
Have you ever felt like you were just a pawn in a gigantic game of chess, that individual choice is an illusion, and that every action we make is determined by cosmic forces using us for some higher…   Read Story »
Obviously, nobody likes Mondays, but that’s no excuse to walk around like a Grouchapus. These guys know what I’m talking about. You all look better. Now just drink this. What’s that?…   Read Story »
In Herman Dune's "Tell Me Something I Don't Know," Jon Hamm picks up a blue puppet thingamajig that is hitchhiking on the side of the road. LADIES?!   Read Story »
A long-lost Jim Henson pilot for a show called The Wizard of Id has turned up and now you can watch it. Neat!   Read Story »
I'm always impressed that Snoop Dogg's career has lasted for as long as it has and always at such a high level of fame and visibility. He's like the Madonna of rap! Although I don't think Madonna…   Read Story »
We have already fixed one poster for Mel Gibson's The Beaver, but our work is never done. The last poster was ridiculous, yes, but we fixed it. Now, though, the movie has a new poster, and wouldn't…   Read Story »
What is even going on here? So, it's a Muppets Show parody but also poking fun at sitcom conventions and Katy Perry is wearing a dress featuring The Simpsons ON THE SIMPSONS for some reason…   Read Story »