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Coooooooool. Cool dance party! Remember to invite me next time, the party is so normal and I'm having so much fun! (Via SayOMG.)   Read Story »
What? You don't like art? What about music, do you like music? And puppet friendship? How about ambient wind noise, do you like that? You are impossible. (Via Amil Niazi.)   Read Story »
Oh, here's something nice. iO9 found some old test footage that Jim Henson & pals shot for the original Muppet Movie back in 1979 and it is just delightful! There's Fozzie and Kermit discussing the…   Read Story »
I finally watched the new Jason Segel Muppets movie over the weekend. "But Gabe, that movie came out months ago. It's simply not topical!" Well what do you want to talk about, DEMI MOORE'S NEW…   Read Story »
After her surprisingly great appearance on Saturday Night Live last weekend that everyone is still raving about, the Lindsay Lohan Career Bus continues to barrel down Success Highway. I think. I…   Read Story »
Oh, Uggie. I know that I am late to this one, but I did see The Artist last Saturday because I wanted to have a real reason to get excited when that movie beat out Hugo for Best Costume Design at the…   Read Story »
Apparently, in the first season of Sesame Street, Oscar the Grouch was orange. THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING. JUST. KIDDING. EVERYTHING. REMAINS. THE. SAME. BUT. THAT. IS. KIND. OF. WEIRD. AND. I. DID.…   Read Story »
In Ohio, federal prosecutors are pursuing legal action against former state Cuyahoga County commissioner, Jimmy Dimor, on racketeering charges. It seems like this guy was up to a lot of no good. He…   Read Story »
Jason Segel, star of the new Muppets movie that you probably haven't even heard about yet, is everywhere these days. Remember when he hosted Saturday Night Live? I know it seems like forever ago, but…   Read Story »
Bert absently watched the smoke rising off of the lit cigarette that dangled on the edge of the bathtub and then looked down to see a nugget of gray ash fall off the tip and disperse in the now…   Read Story »