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On yesterday's episode of Ellen, which is normally a rather cloying affair, although also entirely inoffensive and I don't mean that in some kind of College Campus Misanthrope kind of way where…   Read Story »
This is a pretty delightful PSA (haha, "a pretty delightful PSA"!) to repeal California's hateful Prop 8 law starring Justin Long and Mike White as a married gay couple who grow just as bored and…   Read Story »
Yesterday, the California Supreme Court upheld Prop 8. Well played, Judges. Pop champagne. Obviously, the law is a complicated thing, and I'm willing to believe that the justices were simply ruling…   Read Story »
I happened to see this last night on mute with closed captioning subtitles and knew that it was great. It's even better with sound. (via FourFour) I think there's something to take heart in about…   Read Story »
UGH. I totally recognize that as a parent you want to instill your children with the same moral compass that you yourself use to make sense of the world around you. And I totally recognize that we…   Read Story »
Radar dug up some pretty sweet videos, bro. They're all about California's ballot measure for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. And that's fresh. The thing…   Read Story »