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This girl doesn't even need a packed auditorium of eager minds to demonstrate the CORRECT way to live. You go, baby genius! Teach that dog how to poop! Byebye! (Via Buzzfeed.)   Read Story »
Oh, stop your complaining. Who HASN'T been forced to sit in their own (if they're lucky) "diarrhea poop" for hours and then handed a garbage bag and told to wrap yourself up at some point? And this…   Read Story »
Nick Kroll was on Conan last night, where he talked about the time that he pooped his pants. In his car. Oh, Nick Kroll!   Read Story »
Mostly I just feel bad for those kids, because life is all down hill from here. It will literally NEVER get better than this moment. Sorry, boys. You get one complimentary round of high-fives on the…   Read Story »
While we still do not know WHO POOPED AND PEED ON THE BANK, I think one thing we can agree is that everyone in this "news" clip is a real TREAT. Especially the "reporter." Look, it is completely…   Read Story »
Oh, Anderson Cooper. What is even UP?! Daytime talk shows are incredible, and Anderson is making sure that it is no exception. Sending your cell phone to some lab to see if it has poop on it? Cool…   Read Story »
Sandal push-kick into the death pit. (Thanks for the tip, Funtastik.)   Read Story »
In honor of the Greatest News Story of our time, I'm throwing a party and everyone's invited. Dress up as your favorite journalist! Just kidding. Can you imagine that party? Just a sea of Sam…   Read Story »
Classic Joby. (Previously: That's Your Dog: Lonnie's Dog.) (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)   Read Story »
After the jump, the video that is really making the rounds today, in which a young boy opens his Christmas present only to discover it's a bunch of dumb fucking books. Personally, I deeply relate to…   Read Story »