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Oh my god it is a snoozer out there today! Who would have thought that the Friday after a week filled will holiday hole punches, and a Friday during which half of the blog world is buried under six…   Read Story »
Okay, picture Earth. Are you picturing it? It's like a circle. Blue and green splotches, some bumpy parts and some not-so-bumpy. You aren't able to place as much of it as you think you should be, and…   Read Story »
Hmmm. That's a little tough because I've never really thought about it before. I guess if I were going out of town and needed someone to apartment-sit I'd send an email to Patrick Stewart, or like…   Read Story »
There comes a time in every friendship when one friend must swallow their pride, reach out to the other friend, and ask for help with deciding what their new rap name should be, because their current…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hello Gabe Kelly: How's it going? Gabe: hey kelly Gabe: i'm feeling HOT HOT HOT Gabe: i'm feeling HOT HOT HOT Kelly: Uh-oh! Hot stuff over here! Gabe: inappropriate Gabe: go to HR and…   Read Story »
Oh great, A CHALLENGE! The wonderful occasion when two videos that are kind of similar come into our lives at the same moment, giving us the chance to pit them against each other and choose a side…   Read Story »
In light of the recent news about Charlie Sheen (I am using the word "news" VERY liberally), our country's leading newspaper, the Hollywood Reporter, conducted a survey of 700 Americans (#1!) between…   Read Story »