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OH THANK GOODNESS! It's been almost three whole months since Kirk Cameron weighed in on the State of the World, but the bitch is back! He's taking a break from his weird…   Read Story »
After the jump, you can watch a clip of Pat Buchanan, that old piece of crap, on The McLaughlin Group, answering the burning question: when will America elect a female president. His answer is "2040…   Read Story »
It's the only thing anyone's talking about. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR IT ALL? (Via Nevver.)   Read Story »
Mitt Romney's five sons appeared on Conan last night to talk about their dad running for president. That's a lot of sons!   Read Story »
Harry Reid (D-NV), dog. (Via GotchaMedia.)   Read Story »
Uh oh! What's next? Tay Zonday refusing to turn away from the mic before he breathes in? Double Rainbow Guy feeling like rainbows dropped the ball on the economy?!   Read Story »
Who invited your dad to the sleepover? Just kidding. Hey, remember when Colin Powell lied to the United Nations to help pave the way for the United States's illegal and on-going war in Iraq?!…   Read Story »
We have now fulfilled our sacred duty to the Elder God of Internet by posting The One True Web Video Of The Day for today and we can go back to our pathetic ant-lives on the bread crust of life.…   Read Story »
Donald Trump has jumped back on the birther train and kicked the conductor out through the engine room window to take command of this thing once and for all. FULL HAIR AHEAD! (Good joke about Donald…   Read Story »
Poor 16-year-old Madeleine McAulay has been banned from YouTube for violating their user guidelines after posting yet another thoughtful and interesting video about her belief that gay people…   Read Story »