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There's a trailer for a new movie with Jake Gylenhaal this week and before I even watched it, when I just saw the screencap of it, I was like, oh yeah! Jake Gylenhaal! Love that guy, where has that…   Read Story »
It's time to sing the trailers song! Come on, you know how it goes! Trailers/trailers/trailers/trailers trailers trailers/trailers/trailers/and trailers/trailers trailers trailers trailers…   Read Story »
Want to see what some TV shows would look like without their special effects? SPOILER: Lots of people and stuff in front of green. Hope you didn't read that spoiler if you didn't want to know, you…   Read Story »
You know the company GE, from 30 Rock? Well they're actually a real company outside of 30 Rock and they're doing this thing on the internet now called The GE Show, which is a series of short web…   Read Story »