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You deserve a pizza break! So after enjoying your pizza video, head on over to your workplace's break room and start chowing down on some of the pizza that will be in there! If you go to your…   Read Story »
After years of crunching numbers and writing equations out on library windows in white grease pencil, one brilliant minded reddit reader has finally debunked the pizza math from Home Alone.…   Read Story »
Hahaha. AHHHHHHHHH. These photos come from ONTD where there is SOME kind of explanation for what is going on here, but is an explanation really necessary? It's Leonardo DiCaprio and ranking Pussy…   Read Story »
Look, I know drones aren't cool. They were developed for the military in order to wage a "bloodless" war, which really only means "bloodless" for one side. As if that was the only problem with war.…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Patrick Stewart tweeted a photo of himself eating "his first slice" of pizza. The world, naturally, lost its mind. Dude is 72 years old. Even a broken clock is pizza twice a day. No one…   Read Story »
As you may know, the new season of Arrested Development hits Netflix this weekend and people are excited. Fans across the blogs have been trampling over each other to put together supercuts of…   Read Story »
"Ugh, how will we ever get people to buy this stupid cheesy food disc?" The most important businessmen at Dominos Pizza sat around a pizza-shaped table (round shape) and cursed their fate. They had…   Read Story »
There are few crimes more horrific or upsetting than PIZZA RELATED crimes. What is the world even coming to when our pizzas and their noble deliverers are not safe?! And yet, even though we must be…   Read Story »
Finally! Finally, finally, finally. It's like, you hear about these famous movie stars all the time and you're always wondering, "When am I gonna get to see these guys win an award for something?"…   Read Story »
This is the most important supercut ever made: This is what Francis Fukuyama meant by the end of history. (Thanks for the tip, Travis.)   Read Story »