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They shot two pilots for Three’s Company. Want to watch the one that didn't make it on television? No judging either way!   Read Story »
Because great Hollywood ideas come in a minimum of twos these days, the CW is looking to cast a 5’8″ish actress in her mid-20s to star in their upcoming Wonder Woman adaptation. ARE YOU THIS…   Read Story »
Look, John Travolta likes to kiss men wear wigs fly airplanes and THAT'S FINE. We all have hobbies, even John Travolta. But, boy oh boy, he sure likes to talk about it! Flying this, jetstream that,…   Read Story »
Comedy Central has ordered a pilot from The Onion. It's about sports, which some of us (could be anyone, really) don't care about, but, you know, The Onion. Sometimes you have to take a little bit of…   Read Story »
I never thought I'd say this but poor Tommy Lee. His occasional helicopter pilot keeps getting in trouble and Tommy Lee is apparently the most famous person this pilot has flown, so Tommy Lee is…   Read Story »