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Is that it? Are we done? Has the Internet finally achieved everything that it set out to do? Congratulations! Good work everyone. And the best part was we had fun doing it, right? Cool. Bye forever!…   Read Story »
Last week's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was great episode for all of the normal reasons (yelling, shushing), but especially because of Dee & Mac's Catfish plot line. The opportunity to…   Read Story »
This is OUR generation's this. (Via TheUniblog.)   Read Story »
At long last, an Internet Meme for the rest of us.   Read Story »
The Internet will continue to sit quietly and wait for an apology from whoever did this.   Read Story »
Yo yo yo yo yo yo! Guys who know that you can have an openly deep and meaningful emotional relationship with another man without worrying about what other people will think because the important…   Read Story »
This is the first image from the upcoming Marmaduke movie, and it definitely answers one burning question: Is the Maramduke movie going to be as bad as one would assume a Marmaduke movie would be?…   Read Story »
When the Legion trailer came out last week, I made a joke about how God needed to brush up on Her* Photoshop skills because the graphics in that movie look kind of terrible (by today's standards. If…   Read Story »
In the run up to this weekend's Ricky Gervais stand up special on HBO, Out of England, there was a subway ad that featured him wearing a crown and a cape. Now, I didn't want to say anything because I…   Read Story »