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That ought to do it. (Via DailyGrace.)   Read Story »
Some dude in a sweatshirt managed not only to photobomb Jackie Chan, but to karate chopbomb him! Gotcha, Jackie Chan! In related news, a man in a sweatshirt was found…   Read Story »
Haha. Your boyfriend definitely looks like he got waylaid on the way to the laundromat (where he was gong to throw himself into the machine) by the most sarcastic anti-pope protest rally ever. "What…   Read Story »
It is a long-standing tradition at Comic-Con for superfans to dress up as their favorite characters, and more power to them (GET IT?). These guys are just enjoying themselves. And what you learn when…   Read Story »
Enjoy your goofy-faced surreptitious photobombs of two unwitting teenagers at some Montreal hookah lounge, Michael Cera. Paul Giamatti is here to show you how the adults do it. Straight up…   Read Story »
Oh man, you guys. Last night's 'Gum Bowl was a total success. Maybe TOO successful? There will be lots of photos and videos up on the 'Gum Bowl page in the days to come, because if there is one thing…   Read Story »