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There are few times when I am more grateful for my job than when I tear myself away from reading about nightmares playing themselves out in reality in order to try to find videos that are cuter than…   Read Story »
There isn't a lot of good news going around these days. ("There isn't a lot of good news going around these days" is going the tagline of the time travel movie I'm working on.) We don't need to talk…   Read Story »
The biggest animal-related news this week has got to be that of the Obama's new Portuguese water dog named Whatdronesnooneislisteningtoyourconversations. It's a long, super strange name, but at least…   Read Story »
There is a video of a dog skateboarding hidden somewhere within this countdown (it's number two) (I'm sorry, ahhhhh, I spoiled it!) and it reminds me of a dog I used to be friends with who also…   Read Story »
Hold onto your butts (Jurassic Park) because today I have for you some genuine Internet animal video-related news! Maru, the Internet's favorite box-jumping-into cat, LIVING WITH…   Read Story »
There is a very sweet video going around about a Boston Terrier puppy with “Swimmer Puppy Syndrome," which means he cannot sit, stand, or walk, who was taken in by a foundation that eventually…   Read Story »
This week two of the videos in the top five are dolphin videos. Pretty neat, right? Is that neat or no? (What does neat mean?) When I put all of the animal videos into the Petting Zoo computer each…   Read Story »
How is your dog doing in this heat wave? Did you get him a children's pool to play in? Did you buy him a little hat that also sprays water all of his body every so often so he can wear it while he's…   Read Story »
Two nights ago I had a dream that I adopted both a puppy and a child without giving either much thought, and then realized I didn't know how to take care of either of them, and I didn't have any room…   Read Story »
Happy fourth of July to you, happy fourth of July to you, happy fourth of July dear animal videos that aren't overwhelmingly patriotic, in fact only one of them is patriotic and that is the number…   Read Story »