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Hey, do you want to listen to a podcast that has something to do with animals and pets? If so, I'd suggest listening to the most recent episode of Kurt Braunohler's podcast, which features Jenny…   Read Story »
Why are scented candles so expensive? I'd say the ideal way to enjoy these Petting Zoo videos today would be to leave work or school early, pick up a soup snack, go home, dim the lights, light your…   Read Story »
Listen, I'm not here to tear anyone down. In fact, The Petting Zoo is dedicated 100% to bringing people UP -- brightening your dark days, warming up your cold afternoons, putting a little cheer into…   Read Story »
Did you think that just because we missed a day yesterday, that I would let all of us go a whole week without a petting zoo top 10 animal video countdown? YOU HAVE GOT 2 BE KIDDING ME! I would never…   Read Story »
This is a somewhat morbid way to introduce one of the cuter editions of Petting Zoo we've had in some time, but you know what I hate? How frequently animals are killed in horror movies. Hahah. I'M…   Read Story »
The number one video in this countdown has made me want a dog more than any animal video in the Petting Zoo count down has in recent memory. EXCITING ENOUGH FOR YOU?! "Oooh, I can't wait until she…   Read Story »
As we all know, the most heartbreaking and upsetting part of the government shutdown is how the National Zoo’s online “Panda Cam” has been forced to go dark. Babies and mothers going without…   Read Story »
If there's one thing I know about bears, it's that they love going into bars. That single fact that I know about bears (what even are they?) was reinforced on Monday night when a bear took a sweet…   Read Story »
Almost every week, before writing this quick pre-Petting Zoo blurb, I try to look for some bit of "animal news" to include. As you may have noticed, from how this part of the post is only ever a…   Read Story »
In this week's edition of Petting Zoo, we have two kangaroo videos and two monkey videos, and three of those -- I won't tell you which, I have to maintain some surprise -- involve eating and one of…   Read Story »