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Oh my goodness. Well. Let's just get into it. The Bravermans continue to refuse to acknowledge or properly mourn the apparent death of their oldest child, Haddie, which I find very odd. At least…   Read Story »
We haven't talked about Parenthood's fifth season at all yet, but things are mostly business as usual: Haddie is a ghost and you can feel her presence throughout each scene that takes place in her…   Read Story »
LISTEN. Listen. Sometimes there are questions that, although they are difficult and maybe you don't even want to hear the answer, need to be asked. And sometimes there are questions that 100% do not…   Read Story »
Hey, so here's an important election day question: For what fictional TV character would you vote for President if you had to (HAD TO) vote for one of them? (Another important question: Who would you…   Read Story »